A stylized photograph of a team of people climbing an Althea radio and telecommunications antenna.

For humans
and machines

We are building the settlement layer that will bring world-class connectivity and open-access infrastructure to people everywhere.

the friction of
legacy telecom

Legacy telecom systems gatekeep brittle networks that don’t serve users well and block technological innovation.

Althea L1 is a frictionless alternative for autonomous machines and self-sovereign infrastructure networks.

Our Ecosystem

Abstract artwork that represents Althea's Ecosystem
A photograph of two Tribal Resource Center members.

Tribal Resource Center

Working with People-Centered Internet and the Tribal Resource Center to provide high-speed internet access to Tribal lands

A photograph of an AgFiber employee with a digital tablet configuring a high-speed internet network in a vast rural landscape at sunset.


Building over 12 miles of fiber to deliver high-speed internet to over 100 rural houses and farms with Silo Communications, an Illinois ISP.

A photo of two Wave7 ISP stakeholders.

Wave7 ISP

Bringing reliable internet to nearly 500 homes, local businesses, and public facilities in North Carolina.

A photo of UW Cooperative Network members on the roof of a home, installing an antenna.

UW and Tacoma Cooperative Network

Deploying networks that will bring new, inexpensive, community-owned connectivity to underserved communities in Seattle and Tacoma.

Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance logo

Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance

Enabling high-speed internet service in rural Montana with the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance, a Missoula-based nonprofit co-op.

A photo of a home in a rural green valley.

Hub Advanced Networks, Puerto Rico

Partnering with Hub Advanced Networks to build new broadband networks and support telecom innovation and 5G in Puerto Rico

Revabit internet diagram.

Revabit, Ghana

Providing technology to power the Revabit high-speed ISP in Terma, Ghana.

A person holding an Althea network antenna on a roof in Abuja, Nigeria.

Local network pilot in Nigeria

Althea powered a 2019 network prototype organized by a community ISP in Abuja, Nigeria.

A red_medeillin member installing a network node on an apartment eave on the outskirts of Medellin, Colombia.

red_medellin, Colombia

Althea and red_medeillin built a prototype network in partnership with Medellin non-profit organizations to provide internet to underserved communities outside the city.

Welcome to our network. Come build with us.


RuralUrban logo.


Using tech, education, & culture to unite people from around the world

mohuman logo


A nonprofit organization helping individuals, families, and communities in urban and rural areas access internet digital services

Mintscane logo.


Interchain block explorer and data analytics for sovereign blockchain networks

KR1 logo.


Europe’s leading digital asset investment company

Interchain Foundation logo.

Interchain Foundation

Funding and dvancing the creation of an interoperable, sustainable, and community-owned decentralized ecosystem

Hub Advanced Networks logo.

Hub Advanced Networks

Providing the infrastructure and connectivity needed to bring innovative services to market in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Gravity Bridge logo.

Gravity Bridge

An open, decentralized bridge that unlocks the power of interoperability & liquidity between blockchain ecosystems

Figment logo.


The complete staking solution for 250+ institutional clients

Connect Humanity logo.

Connect Humanity

Working with communities to build the internet infrastructure and skills they need to participate fully in a digital society

Chandra Station logo.

Chandra Station

Multifaceted infrastructure provider and validator

C14 logo.


Building the next generation of fiat to crypto payment flow

Assembly Capital Partners logo.

Assembly Capital Partners

Providing investment advice to private partnerships investing in early stage FinTech companies