Opening new
markets for
and real-world

A photograph of an Althea L1 laptop in the wild

A high-availability,
reliable settlement
layer for infrastructure

The EVM is built for networked infrastructure:

  • Dedicated blockspace and traffic-shaping for L2 networks
  • Contract-Secure Revenue incentivizes sustainable development
  • Machine-to-machine, automatic micropayments
  • Hardware-agnostic networks: mobile phones, IoT, broadband all run on
Althea code snippet

Developers: Build the future of open-access infrastructure

  • Dive into with our plug-and-play, open-source wallet and firmware
  • Easily build composable connectivity services and telecom networks
  • Create the UX for networked infrastructure and other new markets
  • Continually earn Contract-Secure Revenue to help fund your work
  • Secure by serving as a validator on our purpose-built settlement layer
Liquid Infrastructure

Unlock liquidity of
real-world utilities

enables the tokenization of infrastructure assets:

  • New avenues to liquidity for real estate owners, local communities, and utility companies
  • New ways to fund, build, and coordinate infrastructure for everyone else
Free roaming

Althea users will roam freely everywhere, across fully decentralized grids

  • Fully-automated, luxury roaming for all your services and utilities
  • No plastic cards: your autonomous devices negotiate the best service for your needs and budget
  • No dead ends: swap carriers from one minute to the next


Althea Wallet

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